O & F component parts have made their way across the world and even into space. We have had component parts on most space vehicles, including the moon rover and space shuttles. We will build your parts with this same high level of quality.



We provide key components to our customers, who are subcontractors for Boeing, Airbus, and other large aircraft manufacturers who produce today's most advanced commercial and military aircraft. O. & F. is a major supplier of small component parts for some the largest aerospace hydraulic plants in the United States. Our parts are used on most Boeing and Airbus passenger planes such as the 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 777x, 787, A320, and A380 ETC. They use our hydraulic components to help their aircraft take off and land throughout the world.


Military & Defense

O & F is a major supplier of hydraulic component parts that are used in various military and defense applications, such as on board ship self leveling devices, anti-roll gyro devices, hydraulic cranes for loading and unloading, hydraulic equipment for raising and lowering the flight decks of aircraft carriers. We also produce parts for various weapons systems such as radar controlled missile and gun turret aiming devices, etc.


Commercial Industry

O & F, with our versatile capabilities, also supplies parts to many other customers such as parts for farm equipment (Tractors, combines, corn pickers, citrus spraying equipment, etc.), industrial equipment (Machine tools, conveyors, oil field testing devices, concrete finishing equipment, printing presses, etc.), off road equipment (Backhoes, skid loaders, coal mining machines, bulldozers, self loading dirt movers, etc.), the medical field, electronic and oil industries, and many more applications.

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