About Us

The O&F Team stands at the door to the future. Our vision is to use advanced methods and technology to work smarter. We cannot be satisfied with yesterday’s methods. We are always looking for new ways of doing things to remain competitive in the production of our customer’s parts. We seek to increase our use of available technology based equipment and digital transformation to be more efficient. O&F employees remain committed to using the quality systems and technology of today and the future, to supply quality parts on time to our customers. We seek to partner with our customers to achieve mutual opportunities for growth together.

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Our History

History Began in 1955



O & F Machine Products was founded in 1955. The original location was in an old store on Iron Gates Road on the West side of Joplin, Missouri. The company was founded by two individuals, Bill Fenix, Sr and Harrel Owens. In 1958 Harrel sold his interest in the company to Bill, Sr and his brother, Jack Fenix. Bill, Sr and Jack built the company from four to five people to approximately 25 people.

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All profits were used to purchase new machinery to increase the machining capabilities, making it inevitable to hire more employees. The steady growth over a number of years required even more additional space. In 1967, they built a modern machine shop on our current site. Over the years, there were additions made to our original building to accommodate more equipment and employees to better service our growing customer base. In 1985, O & F added an EDM and Special Projects area that we utilize to build specialized equipment to improve our efficiency. In 1988, O & F added a separate building to house our Heat Treat operation. It was Bill Fenix’s desire that the company continue to thrive in the future. So in 2001, O & F became an ESOP Company which is an employee-owned company. Through this Employee Stock Ownership Plan, employees have a great opportunity to be part of a growing, stable company.

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Future Visualization

O & F’s vision for the future is to invest in technology to aid our valuable employees to be successful in supplying quality parts to an ever growing customer base. From the beginning, O & F realized that our employees were our most important asset. We consider it an honor to have a dedicated workforce that is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill our customer’s needs. From its foundation, even before any of the quality systems of today were thought of, O & F’s #1 objective was to simply supply a quality part on time to meet our customers' needs.

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Continuous Development

As time marched on, O & F has embraced the new quality system requirements of ISO-9001, AS9100 and NADCAP quality requirements of today. O & F and the employees remain committed to using the quality systems and cutting edge technology of today and the future to insure reliability for our Customers and growth for the Company.

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What We Build

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We provide key components to our customers, who are subcontractors for Boeing, Airbus, and other large aircraft manufacturers who produce today's most advanced commercial and military aircraft. O. & F. is a major supplier of small component parts for some of the largest aerospace hydraulic plants in the United States. Our parts are used on most Boeing and Airbus passenger planes such as the 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 777x, 787, A320, and A380 ETC. They use our hydraulic components to help their aircraft take off and land throughout the world.

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Military and Defense

O & F is a major supplier of hydraulic component parts that are used in various military and defense applications, such as on board ship self leveling devices, anti-roll gyro devices, hydraulic cranes for loading and unloading, hydraulic equipment for raising and lowering the flight decks of aircraft carriers. We also produce parts for various weapons systems such as radar controlled missile and gun turret aiming devices, etc.

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Commercial Industry

O & F, with our versatile capabilities, also supplies parts to many other customers such as parts for farm equipment (Tractors, combines, corn pickers, citrus spraying equipment, etc.), industrial equipment (Machine tools, conveyors, oil field testing devices, concrete finishing equipment, printing presses, etc.), off road equipment (Backhoes, skid loaders, coal mining machines, bulldozers, self loading dirt movers, etc.), electronic and oil industries, and many more applications.

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O & F component parts have made their way across the world and even into space. We have had component parts on most space vehicles, including the moon rover and space shuttles. We will build your parts with this same high level of quality.